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Napster, Driveless Cars, and Staying Ahead of the Curve

I just got done watching a very interesting documentary on Netflix called “Downloaded.” It’s a very interesting documentary about the development, the rise, and the fall of the now infamous peer-to-peer file discovery and sharing platform Napster. Regardless of your personal feelings on the topic of the ethical and legal issues surrounding Napster, you can’t […]

Online Piracy: A War of Attrition that Only Hurts Consumers

The past couple months have been filled with some unique experiences for me in terms of piracy. Historically, I have downloaded content. I think most of us have. But these strange events have nothing to do with pirating content. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. There have been multiple times where I have legally purchased […]

DC Comics Sells Over 5 Million Comic Books in Six Weeks

According to a press release from the major comic book publisher, the New 52 relaunch has set records and shown the company has experienced its best sales number in over two decades. While the relaunch has drawn praise and scorn from readers all over the world, it is clear that DC Comics has achieved what […]

Held Back: A Frank Look at the Comic Industry

Author’s note: The following is a rather long-winded examination of some of the problems the comic book industry faces. I know we’ve all read it before and you must be wondering why this article is any different. It’s different because I actually present, in detail, what I feel is a solution to some of these […]