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The Value of Free Speech: An Open Letter of Sorts to Colin Moriarty

No pictures, no videos, no flashy banners. The following are only words. — I think it’s fair to say that anyone that takes anything seriously has written off IGN.com as a credible website. People who still frequent their site are often only there to get the most basic of information or because they are directed […]

An Open Letter to Dr. Ray Muzyka & Bioware

Dr. Muzyka, First I want to thank you for taking a moment to address the fans more or less directly. I know many people in the Mass Effect fanbase have been getting frustrated by the relative “wait & see” responses we’ve been getting up to this point. While you didn’t really provide solid answers you […]

These are the Dark Ages

Originally posted on Kneel Before Pod on Saturday, June 6, 2009. There is always a time when people look back at a technology when it was young and say “Wow, that’s so much different than now. It almost doesn’t make sense!” We’re always in a state of these “Dark Ages” even if we’re not able […]

Web bias, what a cruel mistress thou are…

Originally posted on Kneel Before Pod on Sunday, April 12, 2009. We here are Kneel Before Pod are bias. Ryan and I actually had a discussion the other night about it. It went something like this; Me: “I think we should make sure we focus on being editorial. We’re not a news site.” Ryan: “Yeah, […]

"The Pitt"falls of DLC: A look at my favourite games' DLC

This originally posted on Kneel Before Pod on Sunday, April 5, 2009. So, I make it no secret that I am kind of picky about my games. I have so many hobbies and habits that I have to play it smart with my money. This is why many times you’ll see me get very passionate […]