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Steam Summer Sale Alert: Gamestop Offering 30% Extra Trade Credit

In a some what unexpected move, Gamestop will be offering a special trade bonus for those looking to get credit for their Steam Wallets. From now until July 23rd, anyone trading games towards a Steam Wallet credit of $20 or $50 will receive an extra 30% credit. This is a perfect deal for people looking […]

Gamestop Offers Power-Up Members $100 Off PS3

Gamestop is offering a great deal to Power-Up Rewards Members looking to buy a Sony PlayStation 3. In a recent email, Gamestop directed customers to go to their Power-Up Rewards Dashboard to claim a coupon that will net them a $100 discount on either a new 160GB or 320GB PlayStation 3 system. At this point […]

Mission Accomplished!

So today is a big day.  I have done a lot of writing in the past two years, but I have finally done something I feel is special.  Today I finished my first short story (novelette to be correct) that I plan to sell.  Hopefully people will be interested in buying it. Though, much like […]

Web bias, what a cruel mistress thou are…

Originally posted on Kneel Before Pod on Sunday, April 12, 2009. We here are Kneel Before Pod are bias. Ryan and I actually had a discussion the other night about it. It went something like this; Me: “I think we should make sure we focus on being editorial. We’re not a news site.” Ryan: “Yeah, […]