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First Look: Star Wars: The Old Republic

I think it’s safe to say that Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most anticipated Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games to come out in nearly a decade. When you look at the pedigree, it’s hard to deny that there are a lot of high caliber forces coming together to make this game. […]

Portal 2: A Non-Scientific Review

In 2007, Valve released a collection of games titled The Orange Box. Inside were two of the most anticipated PC games of the time, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2. Little did anyone know that a mostly overlooked first person puzzle game named Portal would become the standout hit of the collection. With […]

Eulogy of a Hardcore Gamer

I have skipped school to craft weapons in Dark Age of Camelot. According to my Steam profile, you can actually count the time I’ve spent playing Team Fortress 2 in weeks and I can’t even imagine how long I played Team Fortress Classic before that. Tribes, Half-Life, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, FIFA and Virtua […]

Bang! Transforms Game Night into a Wild West Showdown

Video games are great. Few things can compare to sitting down for 24 hours straight with the newest Bethesda or Bioware release. Unfortunately, locking yourself in a room for 24 hours straight isn’t as fun for others as it is for you. With that in mind, Guerrilla Geek is continuing its mission to bring you […]

Card Night, Not Just For Poker Anymore

A night with friends is a unique experience when geeks are involved. They are rarely satisfied with a night that only involves a couple of beers and an Ace of Base CD providing the soundtrack. A geek infested party usually requires something a little more… stimulating. Be it a game of Rock Band or something […]

Fable III: A Revolution, It is Not

From the gross overselling of the original by creator Peter Molyneux to winning multiple Game of the Year awards with its second installment, the Fable franchise has seen its share of ups and downs. With the release of Fable III at the end of October, many people are interested to see if Lionhead Studios falters […]