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A note about email hate spam

So I recently received an email from someone I used to be very close to, but over the past couple years have kind of grown apart from.  Not going to mention names.  Anyways, this email was along the lines of the same things you always see about people claiming our president wasn’t born in the […]

Growing up

Back when I was a kid I had a friend. We’ll call him Sam. Sam thought he was in love Ginger. She was a year older than Sam, who was in the same grade as myself. I remember when the two first met. Sam and I were in the Eighth Grade and were soon to join the ranks of the fresh men and women of our local high school. Both being the promising school band type, we were allowed to accompany the High School marching band one weekend as it went to a local competition. This would be the first time that Sam really met Ginger. Myself and a friend of Ginger pushed a little bit, trying to get these two to make a love connection. We were successful in our mission. Everyone thought they were perfect for each other. Sam especially thought they were perfect together, that’s why it never made sense to any of us a couple years later when Ginger decided that she did not love Sam back.