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Catching Up

It’s been awhile, sorry if anyone actually cares. Life isn’t busy, but it’s picking up. I’ve honestly just been kind of lazy and biding my time. Earlier this year, I moved to the absolute Southeastern corner of Ohio. I can literally see West Virginia from here. The big news is that I’m going back to […]

More about Social Media

Yes, I know my last post was about social media. Yes, this one will repeat some of what was said last time. Yes, I know the odds of connections from my social media sites actually reading this are about one in fifty if I’m lucky. I’ve accepted all that and so should you. Social Media […]

Mission Accomplished!

So today is a big day.  I have done a lot of writing in the past two years, but I have finally done something I feel is special.  Today I finished my first short story (novelette to be correct) that I plan to sell.  Hopefully people will be interested in buying it. Though, much like […]


So, I continue to grind my little crap articles.  Nothing to be proud of, except that I am getting paid to write… technically… Put out a submission and a query this week.  I feel good about both, but especially about the submission.  More info on either as it develops. New episode of Kneel Before Pod […]