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Held Back: A Frank Look at the Comic Industry

Author’s note: The following is a rather long-winded examination of some of the problems the comic book industry faces. I know we’ve all read it before and you must be wondering why this article is any different. It’s different because I actually present, in detail, what I feel is a solution to some of these […]

Comics Need to Change… As Long as it’s a Book I Don’t Like

Recently news in the comic book world has been dominated by change. DC Comics is relaunching almost its entire lineup of super hero books while Marvel recently announced that they will be cancelling Uncanny X-Men. As with any change, there has been a lot of talk. Fans, creators and journalist just can’t help but to […]

Thor: A Review of Mythical Proportions

I feel I need to preface this review by saying that I am not a fan of the Thor comic book franchise. That is not to say I dislike it, I am just unfamiliar with the characters and the backstory. I would say I am more familiar with the original mythology of Thor than his […]