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IDW Announces Death of Optimus Prime

Big things are on the horizon for the Robots in Disguises. Today IDW announced that its 150th issue set in the Transformer Universe, set to be released in December, will be titled Transformers: The Death of Optimus Prime. As the events of the Chaos story line draw to a close, there will be very little […]

Elemental Returns with Special School (Free Single Download)

Friend of Guerrilla Geek (Professor) Elemental has released released his long awaited collaboration with Jon Clark and Nick Maxwell titled Special School and we have a special sneak peak for you! Free Single: [wpaudio url=”http://www.guerrillageek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/6.-Wilbur-and-Orville.mp3″ text=”Wilbur & Orville – Special School” dl=”1″] Special School is packed with stories about zombies, crazed inventions and doomed romance, […]

Deus Ex: Not Just for Video Games Anymore

It was announced today that Eidos-Montreal, Square Enix and musterbrand will be teaming up to make the in game clothing from Deus Ex: Human Revolution a physical reality. Launching tomorrow, the Deus Ex: Human Revolution store will offer clothing worn and inspired by the in game characters. The signature piece of the collection will be […]

Bioware: Latest Victims of Hacking

Moments ago, Bioware sent out a mass email to gamers who may have previously played their classic RPG Neverwinter Nights and may be affected by this latest security breach. We recently learned that hackers gained unauthorized access to the decade-old BioWare server system supporting the Neverwinter Nights forums. We immediately took appropriate steps to protect […]

Gamestop Offers Power-Up Members $100 Off PS3

Gamestop is offering a great deal to Power-Up Rewards Members looking to buy a Sony PlayStation 3. In a recent email, Gamestop directed customers to go to their Power-Up Rewards Dashboard to claim a coupon that will net them a $100 discount on either a new 160GB or 320GB PlayStation 3 system. At this point […]

George Jones, Flaming Lips & Neko Case Headline Nelsonville Music Festival

Where can you hear the legendary George Jones, the trip-tastic Flaming Lips, and the beautiful Neko Case all in one place? Typically only on your MP3 player, but if you want to see them all live you’re in luck! The Nelsonville Music Festival will be returning for its seventh installment next month and there are […]

Tron Uprising Set to Hit the Grid in 2012

It was announced that a new animated series set in the Tron universe is set to premiere on Disney XD next summer. Taking place between Tron and Tron Legacy, the new series will feature the likes of Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens and Lance Henriksen. I think most fans of the franchise will also […]

Duke Nukem Balls of Steel Edition Announced

2k Games and Gearbox insist on continuing the charade that Duke Nukem Forever is going to actually be released. While we all know that DNF stands for “Did Not Finish,” lets humor them for a bit and pretend that the game will actually see the light of day… Today 2k Games and Gearbox announced the […]