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Elemental Returns with Special School (Free Single Download)

Friend of Guerrilla Geek (Professor) Elemental has released released his long awaited collaboration with Jon Clark and Nick Maxwell titled Special School and we have a special sneak peak for you! Free Single: [wpaudio url=”http://www.guerrillageek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/6.-Wilbur-and-Orville.mp3″ text=”Wilbur & Orville – Special School” dl=”1″] Special School is packed with stories about zombies, crazed inventions and doomed romance, […]

Life has been hectic lately

It’s amazing, I went from nothing but free time to feeling like I have no free time. I would be incorrect in that feeling, but it feels like the truth all the same. I think it really comes down to getting used to having stuff to do again. I have been working part time at […]

An interview with Paul Alborough, AKA Professor Elemental

Professor Elemental is many things (#3 on the list being Erotic Dancer), but untalented isn’t one of them. Dressed in his pith hat and chomping on a pipe, he raps about important topics such as tea, exploring, and genetically modifying animals. Ever since his single Cup of Brown Joy caught wide-spread attention in 2008, The […]

On a lighter note…

…     …   …         …   That’s it. All I had was a title apparently. I logged into the blog and happened to notice a long list unpublished post drafts saved. This one I started on July 8th but was just a title and no content. I wonder if […]