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Southeast Engine: Canary

I had a driveway moment in my car the other night. One of those strange happenings that only seem to occur when you listen to public radio or really good music. The sticky Ohio heat wrapped around me as I just sat in my driveway with the windows down, the music up, and the lights […]

Thor: A Review of Mythical Proportions

I feel I need to preface this review by saying that I am not a fan of the Thor comic book franchise. That is not to say I dislike it, I am just unfamiliar with the characters and the backstory. I would say I am more familiar with the original mythology of Thor than his […]

Hulu Plus on Xbox 360 Reviewed

It’s been almost a full week since Xbox Live Gold’s newest feature, Hulu Plus, went live and most people have had a chance to try it, thanks to a complimentary week of the service. So now that we’ve had time with it, is this going to be another feather in the fancy headdress that is […]

Portal 2: A Non-Scientific Review

In 2007, Valve released a collection of games titled The Orange Box. Inside were two of the most anticipated PC games of the time, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2. Little did anyone know that a mostly overlooked first person puzzle game named Portal would become the standout hit of the collection. With […]

Review: Marijuana Man

April 20th is upon us again and with it comes the typical celebrations of the marijuana counterculture. This year, Image Comics have teamed up with Ziggy Marley, front man of the Melody Makers and eldest son of Bob Marley, to produce the story of Marijuana Man. It is the story of an alien named Sedona […]

Review: The Walking Dead #83

*Warning: This review may contain spoilers up to, but not including, issue #83* For over seven years, Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s The Walking Dead has been the paragon of the zombie genre. The series is so popular that it has spawned a television show, a weekly reprint comic, and helped gain Kirkman a seat […]

Dragon Age 2 Review

Figuring that everyone would be writing reviews for Dragon Age 2, I had no plans to review it myself. Yet after reading all the reviews out there, I felt that there was a voice missing from the discussion. The voice of the traditional role playing game fan. A person that has rolled dice, kept a […]

Fearless Dawn: Review

In this day of worldwide internet communication and advances in publishing, the small press comic industry is more vibrant than ever. This climate is perfect for a comic like Asylum Press’ Fearless Dawn, which is a pulpy, fun, tongue-fully-in-cheek romp. This book contains everything a growing geek needs: Nazis, giant frogs, humor, attitude, and scantly-clad […]