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Today Pro-Wrestling Matter to You, and Here’s Why

Here’s a little something I started writing up Sunday night. No fancy graphics or much proofreading. Just some honest thoughts on the future of television, as influenced by pro-wrestling. I’ve made no secret that I love pro-wrestling. When I was a child, I was strictly forbidden to watch pro-wrestling. So of course, as soon as […]

Reflecting on Venture Bros. Season 5

It’s safe to say Venture Bros. is one of my favorite shows of all time. I buy each season on DVD so I can pore over all the various extra features and commentary tracks. While I was saddened by Season Five’s relative length, I was not disappointed by the season’s overall quality. By the end […]

Five Anime Everyone Should See

It’s no secret that geekery has a hierarchy. While Star Wars and Star Trek fans might argue with each other over who is more mainstream and alpha nerd, anime fans are often look down upon by both. This unfair treatment could be attributed to the vast size of the material that is lumped into the […]

Smallville: Finally giving us the hero that we deserve?

I am going to unapologetically write in the first person for this article because it is a subject close to my heart. Over the past nine years, Smallville has been the recipient of both my love and my hate. It is a strange hybrid show that isn’t exactly designed for comic book fans, but is […]

New Adventures of Old Conando

Like a scarlet coiffed phoenix rising from the ashes, Conan O’Brien is taking another go at late night television on a new channel with Conan. And in case you missed it, yes, he made the obvious joke of naming the show after himself so he’s harder to replace as the host. Now that we’ve had […]