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Some Updates & More Pinball Stuff

Pinball One thing I failed to mention in my previous post about pinball is that there is a competative aspect to it. There is a tour of tournaments that all lead up to the World Championship for PAPA (Professional and Amateur Pinball Association). It seems that for that past few years, these competitions are getting […]

Ugh, just too much!

Sorry guys, but I just have way too many things to update. Social media pages, twitter accounts, websites… I totally forgot to post a few things here. First, I am going to be debuting Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing at Small Press Expo. Some of you may remember this comic back when I called it […]

Updates and Downdates

Greetings internet. In February I started a new full-time job. This combined with being lazy has cut my production down to almost non-existent, but there is some stuff to talk about. In September I will be at the Small Press Expo in North Bethesda, Mary’s Land. I won’t have a table per se, but I […]

Almost Election Day Update

First off, I hate you presidential election. Somehow, this election has gotten completely off the rails. It’s no longer about facts and addressing serious issues. It’s all just silliness now. I mean, most modern elections are like that, but this one seems especially bad because I live in Ohio and we’re apparently the only state […]

An update and a preview!

So lets just start off with the goods. I have been working with a wonderful artist by the name of Beau Wright to get one of my comics off the ground. She’s a wonderfully talented young lady from Chicago. I really feel like she has the potential to really go far as an artist. The […]