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The Dose: STOP! Hamster time.

The Dose: Doom

The Dose: August 12th!

On a Sunday even… Making up for lost time today.

The Dose: August 7th… or 8th… or something like that…

The Dose: Son of Dose

And now, images submitted without comment.

The Dose: July 30th 2012

Just happened to be up at 6am, thought I would at least post something for you guys today… Major League Soccer can have a polarizing effect on American soccer fans. Some will say it’s America’s future, some will say it’s America’s present, and yet others will say it’s a retirement league for international players with […]

The Dose: Weekend Special 7-28

I never really planned on putting any Dose posts up on the weekend, but this one was just too good. I had to get this one out to the world… Over the years, Britain has made great advances in the field of comedy. This is especially true in the development of deadpan and the understated. […]

The Dose: July 26th, 2012

Time for the D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DOSE! The other day I stumbled onto a very interesting post on Reddit. Inside were the instructions that were sent out to theaters when Gone With the Wind was released. The projectionist that shared them gave some commentary and explained that now days showing movies is kind of an artless push of […]