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Steam Summer Sale: Carl’s Picks of the Day 7-16

There were some great deals over the weekend, but today is another day! The sale has been great so far. I have seen a lot of friends who rarely log onto Steam spending a bunch of time logged on to the service. I think we’re on the cusp of a new golden era of PC […]

Steam Summer Sale Alert: Gamestop Offering 30% Extra Trade Credit

In a some what unexpected move, Gamestop will be offering a special trade bonus for those looking to get credit for their Steam Wallets. From now until July 23rd, anyone trading games towards a Steam Wallet credit of $20 or $50 will receive an extra 30% credit. This is a perfect deal for people looking […]

Bioware: Latest Victims of Hacking

Moments ago, Bioware sent out a mass email to gamers who may have previously played their classic RPG Neverwinter Nights and may be affected by this latest security breach. We recently learned that hackers gained unauthorized access to the decade-old BioWare server system supporting the Neverwinter Nights forums. We immediately took appropriate steps to protect […]

Duke Nukem Balls of Steel Edition Announced

2k Games and Gearbox insist on continuing the charade that Duke Nukem Forever is going to actually be released. While we all know that DNF stands for “Did Not Finish,” lets humor them for a bit and pretend that the game will actually see the light of day… Today 2k Games and Gearbox announced the […]

Rockstar Releases First Video in Series Detailing LA Noire Game Mechanics

In a newly released video, Rockstar reveals some key gameplay mechanics from it’s upcoming title LA Noire. The video seems to imply that the world is open world at least during certain portions of the game and will have just as much action as detective work. LA Noire Will be released worldwide in May of […]

Reactions: Bulletstorm Demo Goes Live

The demo for People Can Fly’s much anticipated game Bulletstorm was released today in a bloody hail of gib and blood. The game has a heavy focus on rewarding players for killing their enemies in creative fashions. Below is a video demonstrating the “Kill with Skill” gameplay. [Warning: This video is for a Mature rated […]

3DS Games Footage Unveiled at Nintendo World 2011

The folks over at Nintendo 3DS Blog were able to capture some demonstration footage of planned Nintendo 3DS games. While the videos aren’t in 3D, it’s hard to say the graphics aren’t impressive, especially for a handheld. Metal Gear, Pro Evolution Soccer, Resident Evil and Dead or Alive all look like their console siblings. It […]