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Some thoughts about “Show, don’t tell.”

I love Warren Ellis. I would throw myself down and sacrifice my individual to become one with Warren Ellis, extending his life with my own. Not really, but I would think about it for a couple seconds. I really just love Warren Ellis. When I first began my quest to become a writer, my goal […]

Ugh, just too much!

Sorry guys, but I just have way too many things to update. Social media pages, twitter accounts, websites… I totally forgot to post a few things here. First, I am going to be debuting Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing at Small Press Expo. Some of you may remember this comic back when I called it […]

Updates and Downdates

Greetings internet. In February I started a new full-time job. This combined with being lazy has cut my production down to almost non-existent, but there is some stuff to talk about. In September I will be at the Small Press Expo in North Bethesda, Mary’s Land. I won’t have a table per se, but I […]

Writing fuel and an update

First, want to let you know I have two awesome interviews still stewing in my email. I’ve been promising them for awhile, but I’m back on track now. You should expect the first one to be posted by the end of next week. Hoping to post more actual content on here soon and not just […]

A Little Insight to my Process

After some brief distractions, I am back writing fiction again. Specifically, working on a short script to submit to 2000AD. They require all writers to start off by writing a five page short. I have nothing better to do, so I decided to take a crack at it. The tentative name for this project is […]

The Weekend

This weekend needs to be productive. Last weekend I was sidelined by allergies so bad I longed for the sweet release of either death or medicine induced coma. So I’m on the mend and looking to get everything back in order. The week has flown by for me because my day job has actually required […]


So let it never be said that I am not capable of epic stupidity. This previous weekend was spent at the 7th annual Nelsonville Music Festival. It was a great time. I saw a ton of amazing musical act and met some really cool people. None of this is stupid, but what is about to […]

Crazy Couple of Days

So in case you’ve missed it on my twitter and facebook, it’s been busy for me. Actually, that’s not true. It was previously busy, then it was followed by me sitting on my hands until yesterday and then all my previous hard work came to light. First, I had a post up over at Guerrilla […]